We’ve partnered with Local Knowledge tours, to provide you with a wider opportunity of experiences in and around our beautiful city. You can book any of their tours, at a 5% discount, at The Strangers Club.

The concept of Local Knowledge was derived from three underlining desires. The first was the goal of sharing the true beauty of the city we call home. The second was to show people the city through our eyes…a local’s perspective. And the third was to remind people (both South African and international) how incredible our country actually is.

Local Knowledge is a collaboration of three owners, three personalities, three styles and one common goal…to create something truly unique that promotes positivity and stoke. Derived from what we’ve experienced through our own travel, we have developed what we believe is an itinerary that will ensure that our guests experience the ‘real Cape Town’ by allowing our guests to experience our city from a local’s perspective and doing what we enjoy doing on a regular basis.

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